Easter Sunday

Steve was in Seattle visiting his Grandma Sisk over Easter weekend. The kids were all dressed in their new Easter outfits. Max was having a hard morning...missing his dad I think.

Abby and Kloee's Talents

Abby and Kloee participated in the Shining Star Talent show at church. They both did very well. They were the only guitar and violin talents.

Kloee #8 playing softball

Kloee is on a girls softball team this year. She is loving it and is learning alot! Her team is the Astros and she is #8. She is really busy with games twice a week and practice twice a week. That makes Mom and Dad busy as well, but we are all having fun. Her team is 7-2. They have a great chance at going to the State tournament in July. GO ASTROS!!!!