They won the championship game 9-3! They did great! State tournament July 9-11.

Way to go ASTROS!!!



Only a 6 year old could sleep like this, half standing up!!! Wouldn't you have to agree? Sleep tight, Max.

Kloee's Softball Update

Kloee had a game tonight (June 20th). They came back from being 3 points behind to win it in the last inning 4-3. They play again tomorrow in the finals. If they win this game they go to the State tournament. We are all so excited.

Katie's favorite part of Auntie Sally's visit

Sally and Courtney came for a visit this past weekend. Auntie Sally offered to do Katie's hair.
Katie was so excited to have her hair done. She could not stop grinning.

Katie felt so pretty!!!

Truth be told...Sally did Katie's moms hair until she was in about 8th or 9th grade. Kind of pathetic but I always looked goood...right Sally?!


Playin' with the Animals!

Ride em' cowboy!!

Jumped up to try and give Max a kiss!!! Those silly goats!

Lilly Waters, Katie, Max and Abby going for a ride!
Feeding the ducks and having some fun at the Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm. It was a cool 70 degrees today, so it was a perfect day to be out with the animals.



His last day of school he had a little graduation ceremony to say farewell to kindergarten. He was sent on the bus that morning with his suit and tie on. We showed up for the ceremony an hour later, no jacket, no tie and wood chips from the playground hanging from his pants. He was placed front and center for the graduation and looked GREAT!! Congratulations on your graduation!! Super job!


Max blowing out his 6 candles. He has been waiting months for this day to arrive. He couldn't wait to be 6. The day after his birthday he asked " Am I six and a half yet?" Give your mom a break!!!

Max, his cousin Daniel and Miriam. At ALL our family parties!!!

Giving a hug of thanks to Katie for giving him his one and only requested item for his birthday...STAR WARS LEGO GAMECUBE GAME.


The new found love around our house are the WEBKINZ . Grandma and Grandpa Russell have provided Max with his second Webkinz. He has the black bear and now the polar bear. He was so excited to receive it. He named him Snowy. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa Jardine gave Max his 3rd Webkinz...a Panda Bear named Plunge. They also have him $10 and he went right to the store and bought himself, what else, but a 4th Webkinz..a pug dog. He named him Captain Dog Beard. (Not sure where that one came from?)