What happened to November??

Every four years when leap year roles around, I always wonder who the heck thought up leap year??? Why do we need an extra day every four years in February? Never really understood.....but seriously, when did someone decide that there wasn't going to be a November in the year 2008?? The last thing I remember was going trick or treating October 31st and now I am getting ready for Christmas..what is with that?? Needless to say, life has been a little crazy around here.

My sweet Uncle David passed away on November 21st and we were able to go up to Calgary for the funeral. It was so nice to be around my wonderful family. There were cousins that I hadn't seen for years. This picture shows "the Russell clan" with the exception of 5 cousins that were not able to attend. That was so amazing. I can't remember the last time we were all together. I was so sad to have it all end. I love my family!

It snowed one day while were up at my mom and dads. Grandpa took the kids across the street to go sledding and build snowmen. We didn't bring any snow playing clothes for them...so they mix and matched what they could of Grandmas and went out and played. They had a blast!! Great memories. It was unseasonably warm while we were there with the exception of this one day. Perfect weather for our unplanned trip up. We were truly blessed to have the weather we did. It made us feel alot safer with all the traveling we did while we were up there.

Home sweet home! This is the field across from my parents home...isn't it gorgeous!! I love the windmills.

Visiting with Cameron and Joanna and their new little one Konnor William. He is such a sweetie! It was nice to visit them and enjoy their beautiful newly finished basement. You did a great job Cam!

3 generation picture...proud daddy...proud grandpa!

My dad finally bought himself a new recliner while we were up there. He is always falling asleep in this old wooden rocking chair that is in their TV room. I am thinking that this is going to be ALOT more comfy for him. Sit back Dad and relax...you deserve it!!



I love this age...Katie thinks everything is so "magical".

Daddy changes the light bulbs in the garage...Katie says, "daddy is so magical".

The book she likes to read has lift the flaps...Katie says, "that book is so magical".

Our van has automatic sliding doors...Katie says, "our van is so magical".

Why can't they stay 4 years old FOREVER!! I wish I could live in her world for just one day.

I love you so much my little Katie Lady!


my mini george washington

At school they are having a World History Assembly in place of any Halloween celebrations. So for this each of the children that wanted to participate needed to do a report on someone in history and then dress up as that person.
None of my kids really spoke up and said that they were interested in doing this. Max mentioned that he wanted to be George Washington, but it never went any further than that.
Well, the day after the reports were due, Max came home with a slip of paper saying that his report had been accepted for George Washington. Max did it all on his own and handed it in. WOW!
So...last night I (with help from Abby) came up with this costume for Max. He was pretty excited. The wig even has a pony tail in the back.


Where did October go???

Well October has come and gone in a blink. We have been busy with family, birthdays, surgery, Dr. appointments, getting ready for Halloween and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Kloee was having trouble seeing and we found out she needed reading glasses.

Steve turned 35....early morning present opening...way too early for Daddy.
Abby had to have her tonsils out this month...she had a hard time with the recovery. But it will all be worth it to not have a sore throat ALL the time. These are some pretty flowers that Daddy's office sent her.

Grandma and Grandpa Russell came for a visit. Max pretty much was attached to Grandpa's hip the whole time. Being the only boy, he thinks that logically Grandpa was all his for the week. The girls managed to squeeze in a couple of bike rides with him.

Grandma couldn't help buying some cute things for the kids while she was here.

I turned 37 this year and the kids worked hard on a birthday cake for me. With some screaming and some tears they finally came to a compromise on how to frost it. Thanks kids...it was yummy!!

While my mom and dad were here we went to "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". It was up at the American Fork Amphitheater. It was a little chilly, but it was a lot of fun.


who needs guitar hero?

Max rockin' out to some of the girls music....he is a riot!! If you look close, you can see that he lost his other front tooth...looking a little goofy for a while. Keep on rockin' little buddy!!

Ballerina Katie

Katie starts her first dance class today. She has been so excited for this day to come. She has an hour dance class with 1/2 tap and 1/2 ballet.
I hope she is a little more graceful on the dance floor than she is playing in the yard...see exhibit a - newest injury...walked into the side of the mailbox and exhibit b - all the bruises on her little legs.
Whatever the result, she is going to have a wonderful time. She has so much enthusiasm!!

exhibit a

exhibit b


a little competitive??

I am realizing that Katie, at such a young age, is becoming quite competitive. We love to play UNO in our house. Everyone wants to be the UNO CHAMPION. Katie will play as someones partner in the games. Her goal is to try and pick the person that is most likely to be the UNO CHAMPION. (she usually will pick Mom...lol). Her strategy in the game is to try and get her team mate to not pick up any more cards. She does not like to lose. When her team wins she jumps up on her chair and does her 4 year old little victory dance. And if she loses...not very happy. It should be interesting when she can play her own hand.
So last night we left Danny's birthday party. Steve and I were in seperate vehicles. Steve had Abby and Kloee and I had Katie and Max. I decided to go a different route home than Steve to see if it we could beat him home. Katie was so excited to be having a race. She was cheering me on as we were driving and as we were getting closer to home, I realized that Steve had probably made it home before us. Max was in the back of the car saying that we were "the losers". Katie was so angry and was getting very upset about Max announcing that we were "the losers". So Katie looks back at him and says "You think that's funny?? Well, it's not!!!!" I had to hold back the laughter, as this would have really got her going.
Seconds later we rounded the corner to our street and sure enough there was Steve's car in the driveway with Abby jumping up and down doing her 11 year old victory dance. (let me tell you, that didn't help matters out any) Katie was so angry and began to cry and had to take a few minutes to herself in the van before she could come in the house.
It makes me wonder...is this competitive spirit a good thing or not so good??



Since the older kids started school almost a month ago...Katie FINALLY gets to start preschool. She has been waiting and waiting. She was so excited to get ready and pick out her own clothes for school today. (she did pretty good I might add...considering what she usually chooses to wear ).
She is going to Tina's Tots Preschool. Starting with Abby, all the kids have gone to this preschool. She has been a wonderful teacher and all the kids have and still do just love her!
Have a fun day Katie Lady!!


Lost tooth

Max lost his first top front tooth....he was really missing having it there when it came time to eat one of his favorite things...corn on the cob. I told him, just wait until the other front tooth is gone, eating corn on the cob will be next to impossible.



I have to say that I love music...all kinds...but I mostly listen to top 40 music on the radio. About 2 or 3 months ago, I was driving and listening and a song came on that I hadn't heard before. The beat of the music was catchey and I was excited to hear a "new" song. Then came the words...my jaw dropped and I immediately changed the station. I didn't need to listen to the whole song to know that I didn't like it. It was Katy Perry's debut song "I kissed a girl".
It made me feel sick to my stomach that there would be a song cirulating on the radio with those lyrics. It made me feel dissappointed and discouraged in some way.
So as the weeks went by, I heard this come on the radio again and again as its popularity continued to rise. I continued to turn the station or turn the radio off altogether. On occasion, I voiced my opinion about this song. Using the words "hate", "disgust", "repulsive", "UNBELIEVABLE".
Another thing that I love is the TODAY show on NBC. I watch and listen to it while I am getting ready in the morning. Well, I heard that on their Friday Concert Series, they were having the singer Katy Perry coming to perform. My first thought was "they WOULDN'T have her sing THAT song". Friday came and guess what??? They did!!! I was so dissappointed that I sat down and sent an email to the TODAY show. Now, I usually don't do these types of things and realize that we all have a choice and can choose to watch or listen, to stay or walk away. But I felt that I needed to let them know how I felt.
Now before I sent the email I thought, well maybe the song is not what I THOUGHT is was. I hadn't EVER listened to the whole song only hearing a few lines ever. So I felt like I needed to read the lyrics to make sure that I wasn't over reacting a bit about the song. Well, for those of you who haven't heard the lyrics....THEY WERE WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!!!! This pushed my desire to write the email even more. This is what I wrote:

I felt as though I needed to sit down and write this email, as a mother of 3 daughters and also as an avid watcher of the TODAY show.
As I was getting ready for the day and watching the TODAY show on Thursday morning, they announced the headliners for the Concert Series for Friday, August 29th. When Katy Perry was announced, I thought to my self , please do not have her sing the song "I kissed a girl". Any other song but that one. I gave the TODAY show the benefit of the doubt and thought, they won't have her sing "that" song on their show...they just wouldn't.
Well, I tuned in this morning, while getting ready for the day. The Concert Series was beginning and Katy Perry was up. They scanned the audience and there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of young, impressionable girls (some as young as 4 or 5). This made my stomach turn as they announced that she would be singing her top hit, I kissed a girl.
I immediately pressed mute on my television set, not wanting to hear the words being sung , and also that my 4 year old daughter was playing in the same room. I watched as the young girls in the audience danced and sung along to the words as the song was being sung by Katy Perry. The image of this saddened me and could not believe that this was being presented on one of my favorite morning news programs. I have watched controversial things presented on the TODAY show before and expect that from the news and interviews that you have on your program. My issue with the Concert Series that brings hundreds of children and youth to your plaza to listen to top music artists and then presents a song that I feel is controversial.
This song promotes experimentation. Everything about it is wrong. Who WANTS their child to experiment with this type of thing?? What is happening with the morals in our society that songs like this are okay. They sensor the word "hell" in a song, because they don't want to OFFEND anyone. So what about this song?? My goodness, Matt Lauer has daughters...does he let them listen to this song??
I just expected more from the TODAY show.

Now I usually don't do things like this but felt a type of responsibility to voice my opinion. I am not naive in my thinking that this type of thing isn't happening, but am surprised at what is being allowed or accepted in our society as OK.
This is my issue......


"Big Girls Club"

Abby and Kloee took Katie out today and got her all set up on the two wheeler (with training wheels, of course). She feels like she has just been inducted into this club that she has seen her older sisters participate in for years. She is so pleased with herself that she can ride around on a bike that is similar to her two older sisters. It was cute to see the girls teaching her how to

ride. Good job, Katie!!

Things that bring me joy!

There are alot of things that bring me joy....this is one of the simplier ones. It is always great to stand back and see the fruits of your labor (excuse the pun). I love the sense of accomplishment after getting a pile of peaches done. Kloee didn't leave my side the whole time. We had alot of fun working together. Now on to the pears!


Double Digits!! Happy 10th Kloee

Kloee turns 10 today. She is very excited about all the fun things she gets to do as "the birthday girl". She opened up her presents this morning then Daddy is picking her up to take her to lunch (her choice of restaurant) and then she gets to have whatever she wants for supper and of course cheesecake for dessert. Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Three weeks earlier!

I usually wouldn't blog something so trivial lol :) ,but thought this may be of interest to some of you. I just read that with the rescheduled date of the Harry Potter movie to next July, they have decided to move up the release date of the Twilight Movie to the 21st of November...three weeks earlier! Happy day!!

Here we go again....

The first day of school came so early and quickly this year. The kids were excited about a new year. Abby - 6th grade, Kloee - 5th grade and Max - 2nd grade. We were all up and ready in record time this morning. It would be nice if all mornings would go like that. Steve drives them every morning and Katie was seeing them off.
So here we go again...another school year begins.

Daddy Daughter Camp Out '08

The ward daddy daughter camp out was this past Friday night. The girls were so excited for this annual event. They headed out to a camp ground just 5 minutes from our house. The weather was perfect and there was a great turn out.
All four of them slept in our little 3 man tent...can I say cozy?

Home from the camp out and you can see how the 3 man tent turned out....daddy didn't get much sleep.
I guess we need to upgrade our tent...the girls are getting bigger. The camp out was a great success and some wonderful memories made.


Olympic FEVER!

This had to be the most amazing race that I have ever seen...Michael Phelps going for his 7th GOLD and he wins by 1/100th of a second. This race had me up out of my chair, screaming and cheering at the TV. He is a phenomenal swimmer. He has me hooked..I am a fan. I needed a distraction from my week of reading and it looks like I found it.