What happened to November??

Every four years when leap year roles around, I always wonder who the heck thought up leap year??? Why do we need an extra day every four years in February? Never really understood.....but seriously, when did someone decide that there wasn't going to be a November in the year 2008?? The last thing I remember was going trick or treating October 31st and now I am getting ready for Christmas..what is with that?? Needless to say, life has been a little crazy around here.

My sweet Uncle David passed away on November 21st and we were able to go up to Calgary for the funeral. It was so nice to be around my wonderful family. There were cousins that I hadn't seen for years. This picture shows "the Russell clan" with the exception of 5 cousins that were not able to attend. That was so amazing. I can't remember the last time we were all together. I was so sad to have it all end. I love my family!

It snowed one day while were up at my mom and dads. Grandpa took the kids across the street to go sledding and build snowmen. We didn't bring any snow playing clothes for them...so they mix and matched what they could of Grandmas and went out and played. They had a blast!! Great memories. It was unseasonably warm while we were there with the exception of this one day. Perfect weather for our unplanned trip up. We were truly blessed to have the weather we did. It made us feel alot safer with all the traveling we did while we were up there.

Home sweet home! This is the field across from my parents home...isn't it gorgeous!! I love the windmills.

Visiting with Cameron and Joanna and their new little one Konnor William. He is such a sweetie! It was nice to visit them and enjoy their beautiful newly finished basement. You did a great job Cam!

3 generation picture...proud daddy...proud grandpa!

My dad finally bought himself a new recliner while we were up there. He is always falling asleep in this old wooden rocking chair that is in their TV room. I am thinking that this is going to be ALOT more comfy for him. Sit back Dad and relax...you deserve it!!