I have to say that I love music...all kinds...but I mostly listen to top 40 music on the radio. About 2 or 3 months ago, I was driving and listening and a song came on that I hadn't heard before. The beat of the music was catchey and I was excited to hear a "new" song. Then came the words...my jaw dropped and I immediately changed the station. I didn't need to listen to the whole song to know that I didn't like it. It was Katy Perry's debut song "I kissed a girl".
It made me feel sick to my stomach that there would be a song cirulating on the radio with those lyrics. It made me feel dissappointed and discouraged in some way.
So as the weeks went by, I heard this come on the radio again and again as its popularity continued to rise. I continued to turn the station or turn the radio off altogether. On occasion, I voiced my opinion about this song. Using the words "hate", "disgust", "repulsive", "UNBELIEVABLE".
Another thing that I love is the TODAY show on NBC. I watch and listen to it while I am getting ready in the morning. Well, I heard that on their Friday Concert Series, they were having the singer Katy Perry coming to perform. My first thought was "they WOULDN'T have her sing THAT song". Friday came and guess what??? They did!!! I was so dissappointed that I sat down and sent an email to the TODAY show. Now, I usually don't do these types of things and realize that we all have a choice and can choose to watch or listen, to stay or walk away. But I felt that I needed to let them know how I felt.
Now before I sent the email I thought, well maybe the song is not what I THOUGHT is was. I hadn't EVER listened to the whole song only hearing a few lines ever. So I felt like I needed to read the lyrics to make sure that I wasn't over reacting a bit about the song. Well, for those of you who haven't heard the lyrics....THEY WERE WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!!!! This pushed my desire to write the email even more. This is what I wrote:

I felt as though I needed to sit down and write this email, as a mother of 3 daughters and also as an avid watcher of the TODAY show.
As I was getting ready for the day and watching the TODAY show on Thursday morning, they announced the headliners for the Concert Series for Friday, August 29th. When Katy Perry was announced, I thought to my self , please do not have her sing the song "I kissed a girl". Any other song but that one. I gave the TODAY show the benefit of the doubt and thought, they won't have her sing "that" song on their show...they just wouldn't.
Well, I tuned in this morning, while getting ready for the day. The Concert Series was beginning and Katy Perry was up. They scanned the audience and there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of young, impressionable girls (some as young as 4 or 5). This made my stomach turn as they announced that she would be singing her top hit, I kissed a girl.
I immediately pressed mute on my television set, not wanting to hear the words being sung , and also that my 4 year old daughter was playing in the same room. I watched as the young girls in the audience danced and sung along to the words as the song was being sung by Katy Perry. The image of this saddened me and could not believe that this was being presented on one of my favorite morning news programs. I have watched controversial things presented on the TODAY show before and expect that from the news and interviews that you have on your program. My issue with the Concert Series that brings hundreds of children and youth to your plaza to listen to top music artists and then presents a song that I feel is controversial.
This song promotes experimentation. Everything about it is wrong. Who WANTS their child to experiment with this type of thing?? What is happening with the morals in our society that songs like this are okay. They sensor the word "hell" in a song, because they don't want to OFFEND anyone. So what about this song?? My goodness, Matt Lauer has daughters...does he let them listen to this song??
I just expected more from the TODAY show.

Now I usually don't do things like this but felt a type of responsibility to voice my opinion. I am not naive in my thinking that this type of thing isn't happening, but am surprised at what is being allowed or accepted in our society as OK.
This is my issue......


"Big Girls Club"

Abby and Kloee took Katie out today and got her all set up on the two wheeler (with training wheels, of course). She feels like she has just been inducted into this club that she has seen her older sisters participate in for years. She is so pleased with herself that she can ride around on a bike that is similar to her two older sisters. It was cute to see the girls teaching her how to

ride. Good job, Katie!!

Things that bring me joy!

There are alot of things that bring me joy....this is one of the simplier ones. It is always great to stand back and see the fruits of your labor (excuse the pun). I love the sense of accomplishment after getting a pile of peaches done. Kloee didn't leave my side the whole time. We had alot of fun working together. Now on to the pears!


Double Digits!! Happy 10th Kloee

Kloee turns 10 today. She is very excited about all the fun things she gets to do as "the birthday girl". She opened up her presents this morning then Daddy is picking her up to take her to lunch (her choice of restaurant) and then she gets to have whatever she wants for supper and of course cheesecake for dessert. Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Three weeks earlier!

I usually wouldn't blog something so trivial lol :) ,but thought this may be of interest to some of you. I just read that with the rescheduled date of the Harry Potter movie to next July, they have decided to move up the release date of the Twilight Movie to the 21st of November...three weeks earlier! Happy day!!

Here we go again....

The first day of school came so early and quickly this year. The kids were excited about a new year. Abby - 6th grade, Kloee - 5th grade and Max - 2nd grade. We were all up and ready in record time this morning. It would be nice if all mornings would go like that. Steve drives them every morning and Katie was seeing them off.
So here we go again...another school year begins.

Daddy Daughter Camp Out '08

The ward daddy daughter camp out was this past Friday night. The girls were so excited for this annual event. They headed out to a camp ground just 5 minutes from our house. The weather was perfect and there was a great turn out.
All four of them slept in our little 3 man tent...can I say cozy?

Home from the camp out and you can see how the 3 man tent turned out....daddy didn't get much sleep.
I guess we need to upgrade our tent...the girls are getting bigger. The camp out was a great success and some wonderful memories made.


Olympic FEVER!

This had to be the most amazing race that I have ever seen...Michael Phelps going for his 7th GOLD and he wins by 1/100th of a second. This race had me up out of my chair, screaming and cheering at the TV. He is a phenomenal swimmer. He has me hooked..I am a fan. I needed a distraction from my week of reading and it looks like I found it.


Moving on...

Well, I spent the last week reading the whole four books in the Twilight Series. Whenever I had a spare minute I would have my nose in a book. I just finished the 4th and final book of the series last night. I have to say that I just love these books and was very please with how Stephenie Meyer ended the series.
I am ready to MOVE ON.... any suggestions for a good book to read would be greatly appreciated.

Russell Family Reunion 2008

Here are some pictures from our reunion up at Priest Lake, ID. It was a such a fun weekend. Lots of laughs, memories and tons of food. The place we stayed was amazing, to say the least. Way to go Sally and Chris! We spent a day on the lake and our nights eating and visiting. The kids had a blast with each other. Until 2010 in Utah...love you all!

It all started with these two.....

and then came these six.....

and here we ALL are!!

The kids at the talent show doing the song "tootie ta".
It was hilarious!!!

Golf for the boys!

The only baby at the reunion this year....cute little Isaiah.

This was the back of the house we stayed at...right off the 17th hole of the golf course...when can we move??
This is proof that if you aren't on time....you aren't going to be in the picture. Guess who was late? Love you Jenni!!

Seattle visit

We stopped in to visit with Grandma Sisk. She lives in a absolutely beautiful rest home. The kids were excited to see her and I think it made Grandma happy to have us there.

$70 for a 90 second ride up to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. Was well worth it!
We weren't sure we were going to go but after coming out of the Pacific Science Center and there was a clear blue sky with very little clouds...we just couldn't miss the opportunity. It was a beautiful view of Seattle and you could see for miles. From what I understand, that does not happen very often in Seattle with all the clouds.

We stopped off at the Pacific Science Center and spent most of the day there. It was alot of fun and had so many things to do. We watch an IMAX film on the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Steve lived near Seattle when it erupted...it was pretty amazing to watch.