Love ME

Steve gave the kids their blessings before school started this year. In Max's blessing, he said for Max to love his sisters and to take care of them. The next morning Max was not being very nice to Katie and Katie turned to him with sad eyes and said " Daddy said you are supposed to love me." It's always amazing what kids remember.


The Happiest Place on Earth....Disneyland!

California Adventure was all decorated with candy corn for Halloween.
All Katie wanted from Disneyland was to see princesses. Well, her wish came true...over and over!
Standing in front of Boo's door in Monsters Inc.

Another princess!

And another!
Had to stop off at the ice cream shop for a treat.

Decorated for Halloween.
Max was picked to do the JEDI TRAINING. He was in HEAVEN.

This is Max fighting Darth Maul. He is now a true JEDI. He did not succumb to the DARK SIDE. He received a certificate saying he completed the JEDI training. Was definately a high light of the trip to Disneyland.

" Ooh Candy corn....let me help you to finish it." (Heimlich)

First Day of School

We had been waiting for quite a while to have all the kids in the same school. They are all going to Odyssey Academy Charter School. Dad gets to drive them every morning on his way to work. Mom gets to pick them up. They are enjoying all being together.

Visit to Temple Square

We decided at the last minute on a Saturday afternoon to take a quick trip up to Salt Lake to Temple Square. It was a gorgeous day and we had a wonderful time. It was a great opportunity to talk to the kids about the temple. We were able to go to the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy theater. It was a great afternoon. An opportunity that we should take more often.

Daddy Daugher Camp Out

The ward planned a Daddy Daughter camp out. The girls were so excited for this weekend to come. They had a blast. What little girl doesn't like to spend time with their daddy? They went up to the mountains above Heber, Utah. They hiked, roasted marshmellows and snuggled up with Daddy to keep warm. Fun memories made.

Trip to CANADA...fun with cousins!

It was fun to be able to spend some time with cousins. We were able to help Bjorn celebrate his birthday and go into Lethbridge to play at the waterpark with Gabrielle.

Trip to CANADA ... Old Man Dam

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa Russell at the Old Man dam. Kids could throw rocks all day. Always fun to look for the perfect skipping rocks.

Trip to CANADA...Pincher Creek Museum

Going for a carriage ride (with friend Tyler Bellavance).
The old school house..such good students.
A fun trip to the historic Pincher Creek Museum..girls dressing up in old fashioned hats.