Max turns 7!

Max got his own set of scriptures from Uncle Aaron and Auntie Denise. He wanted his own set so badly and traditionally we have gotten them for our kids when they turn eight and are baptized. He loves to read the scriptures and loves to read about the prophets. How can you say no to that enthusiasm? He was so happy. Thanks Uncle Aaron and Auntie Denise.

We went to Costco a couple of days ago and Max saw this bike. Well, since then all he has been talking about is that he wants the bike for his birthday.
Well, we had pretty much told him that he probably wasn't going to get the bike. So, this morning we blind folded him and surprised him with his birthday gift...a new bike!
Thing is, he doesn't know how to ride a two wheeler, and this bike did NOT come with training wheels.
Thank goodness for helmets and knee pads!
Happy Birthday, Max!!

Pot of Gold?

We were driving home the other day and the rain had just stopped and the kids discovered this rainbow.

They started asking if we thought there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Then we started talking about being rainbow/pot of gold hunters...eventually the discussion turned to why there are rainbows, prisms, reflection of the sun.

We talked about it for the rest of the drive home...always great to have those teaching moments. Steve led most of the discussion...truth be told, I learned a few things myself.





Preschool Program

Katie had her end of the year preschool program. They sang some songs and did a super job. This is a picture of Katie with her teacher Ms. Tina from Tina's Tots Preschool. She just loves her teacher and really enjoys going and learning and spending time with her friends.


Dance Festival

The kids school did a dance festival where each grade did a different decade. They worked for weeks on these dances.
Abby's grade did the "roaring 20's" and did a flapper dance.
Kloee's grade did the "rockin' 80's" (my personal favorite) and did Thriller by Michael Jackson...I almost jumped up there and started to dance. I restrained myself, as I am sure Kloee would have been mortified! Maybe not though, I think I still have that dance memorized....there are some things you just never forget.
Max's grade did the 50's and did their dance to "Oh, Mickey your so fine" -not sure if that is the title and if I do remember correctly, that wasn't really a 50's song..oh well, that is what they danced to. It was a great afternoon and alot of fun to watch.


Katie and Lily

Katie and Lily love to play together....doing hair seems to be one of their favorite things to do lately. Katie calls Lily her "best girl friend".


Jardine Team Relay For Life American Cancer Society BBQ Fundraiser

We had a wonderful turnout for our event. Thank you to all of our friends and family that came. There was tons of yummy food and we had "Puddles the Clown" there to paint faces. She did a fabulous job.


We went away on a 3 day cruise to Mexico... we had so much fun and relaxing! The food was AMAZING! We ate way too much but we enjoyed ourselves.

Woops! Seperate beds....we did get that little problem taken care of.

School Play

Abby and Kloee part of the drama club at school. They put on a play that had 5 performances. They did an excellent job.

I am the MASTER...you are but the Apprentice...

Max is playing his new Spiderman game that teaches Spiderman moves. Danny just loves to play with Max. He watches his every move whether it be Spiderman or fighting with their light sabers. I am sure this what having a little brother would be like....too bad, this is all your gettin'.