Princess items seemed to be the theme of the gifts Katie got this year. Princess pjs, princess flip flops and princess sunglasses.

Katie striking a pose for the camera.

Katie got a phone call from Grandpa and Grandma Russell to wish her a happy birthday!!

Katie went and got her hair done for her birthday. She loves having her hair done.

Max eating cake and being a ham!!

Katie's new dress

Abby's new dress

Abby's Birthday party. She had a scavenger hunt for her birthday. All the kids loved it and it was a complete hit! Mom is new at this entertaining ten 11 year old girls.


a sisters love

Katie and I went to the school the other day to drop something off for Abby. While we were there and walking through the hall, we bumped into Max. We talked to him for a second and he gave Katie and I a hug good bye. As we were walking away, Katie looked at me, kind of shaking, her head and said "I sure do love that boy". She is always good for a laugh! Sometimes I think she is 3 going on 25...she says the funniest things.


Katie Lady

Few pictures of Katie Grace!!