Russell Reunion...here we come!!!

(all the grandkids at 2005 Russell reunion...how they have changed!)

(sisters- 2005)

(family picture at our last Russell reunion in 2005)

We are off to our Russell Family Reunion in Washington, with a stop in Seattle to see Grandma Sisk (Steve's grandma). Stay tuned for some fabulous pictures and memories.


A day in the CITY...

Playing in the water on Temple Square.

Eating lunch in Salt Lake at JB's Restaurant.

An old pioneer home at the Church History Museum.

A statue of Angel Moroni that is in the Church History Museum. It used to be on the top of a LDS church in Washington D.C. The building was sold and they shipped the statue to Salt Lake City to put in the museum.

A replica of the same podium that is in the conference center. The original was build from a tree that grew in President Hinckley's yard.

We spent the day up in Salt Lake City...visiting the Church History Museum and touring Temple Square. The Church History Museum has a great I am a child of God exhibit. The kids had so much fun...lots of hands on things to do. We had such a wonderful time...truth be told, I think the favorite thing of the day was eating out at JB's Restaurant.

Relaxing with friends

We spent a relaxing evening visiting with the Roblyer family.....good food, good friends and a beautiful summer evening. What more could you ask for?


4 weeks already?

Today was a very exciting day....the cast finally came off! Max was very happy to have it off and the first thing he said was "can we go boating now?" The doctor said it healed up great and he will be is as good as new! Hopefully, but not likely, this is the last broken bone.


The 4th of JULY

For 12 years (with the exception of the one year that we went to Canada for a family reunion) we have been going to the Freedom Festival Balloon Launch in Provo. We get up at 5 a.m. and drive down to see the launching of the balloons. It has become a wonderful tradition for our family. We then have a full day of the 4 "F's" .... Family, food, fun and FIREWORKS!!!