Lehi City Parade

This is the Lehi Royalty. I am not sure I understand the whole reason behind beauty pageants. Every town in Utah County had their city royalty in the parade. If anyone knows why girls aspire for this....let me know.

Sitting at the parade in 96 degree heat. Why? Oh ya.....


Abby, Kloee and Max helped some friends sell water along the parade route. They had alot of fun doing it.


It's a BOY!!

My baby brother Cameron and his wife Joanna are expecting their first baby in November. They just called tonight to announce that it is a BOY! Congratulations to them, they are going to make wonderful parents.

More Boating Pics

Max rocking out on the boat...making his own fun INSIDE the boat.
Steve dove and jumped off the boat with Abby then...

with Katie Grace, then...
with Miriam, then...
finally with Kloee. Another beautiful evening on the boat.

Hangin' in the hammock

Hanging out with Grandma Jardine in the hammock after an evening of boating...what a way to relax...now this is the life.


Boating Pics

Our 2nd trip out on the boat this year...the weather has finally got nice enough. We stayed out late and the kids had a blast. Max still has his cast on his arm, but he was able to have a good time still.

Max has the longest tongue....he has this amazing talent of being able to touch his nose with his tongue....he thinks it's cool.

Katie pretending to be the captain of the boat....she has us calling her "captain katie".

Abby and Kloee swam for almost 2 1/2 hours straight in the water....I think Kloee was coughing out some lake water in this picture...yuck!

Katie learned how to swim on her own. She did so good...way to go Katie!



Abby and Kloee have both had a great softball season. They play in different leagues so we are at the ball field or at practices 4-5 days a week.
Both their teams have made it into the finals and both are going to the State tournament in July.
We have been having so much fun and the girls have made so much progress this season.

Steve promised the girls that for any base hit that they make in a game he will take everyone for icecream after the game....we have gone for alot of icecream these past few weeks. They are doing so great!
Go Astros and Diamondbacks!!!
Way to go girls!!!


Summer is finally here!

Summer is finally here! We had our first nice day of the summer break and the kids were soaking it in!
We all went up to my friend Tina's house and played on the slide for 6 hours. They had a blast!
We even found a way for Max to have some fun too.


Only 4 weeks!

Max learned how to ride his two wheeler....well, almost. His bike hit the curb and then his arm hit the curb. He has to wear the cast for 4 weeks. He is out for the rest of the season of Coach Pitch...(the season only started last Saturday).
The worse thing about it is that he is left handed and he broke his left arm...bummer!


Our little DIVA