who needs guitar hero?

Max rockin' out to some of the girls music....he is a riot!! If you look close, you can see that he lost his other front tooth...looking a little goofy for a while. Keep on rockin' little buddy!!

Ballerina Katie

Katie starts her first dance class today. She has been so excited for this day to come. She has an hour dance class with 1/2 tap and 1/2 ballet.
I hope she is a little more graceful on the dance floor than she is playing in the yard...see exhibit a - newest injury...walked into the side of the mailbox and exhibit b - all the bruises on her little legs.
Whatever the result, she is going to have a wonderful time. She has so much enthusiasm!!

exhibit a

exhibit b


a little competitive??

I am realizing that Katie, at such a young age, is becoming quite competitive. We love to play UNO in our house. Everyone wants to be the UNO CHAMPION. Katie will play as someones partner in the games. Her goal is to try and pick the person that is most likely to be the UNO CHAMPION. (she usually will pick Mom...lol). Her strategy in the game is to try and get her team mate to not pick up any more cards. She does not like to lose. When her team wins she jumps up on her chair and does her 4 year old little victory dance. And if she loses...not very happy. It should be interesting when she can play her own hand.
So last night we left Danny's birthday party. Steve and I were in seperate vehicles. Steve had Abby and Kloee and I had Katie and Max. I decided to go a different route home than Steve to see if it we could beat him home. Katie was so excited to be having a race. She was cheering me on as we were driving and as we were getting closer to home, I realized that Steve had probably made it home before us. Max was in the back of the car saying that we were "the losers". Katie was so angry and was getting very upset about Max announcing that we were "the losers". So Katie looks back at him and says "You think that's funny?? Well, it's not!!!!" I had to hold back the laughter, as this would have really got her going.
Seconds later we rounded the corner to our street and sure enough there was Steve's car in the driveway with Abby jumping up and down doing her 11 year old victory dance. (let me tell you, that didn't help matters out any) Katie was so angry and began to cry and had to take a few minutes to herself in the van before she could come in the house.
It makes me wonder...is this competitive spirit a good thing or not so good??



Since the older kids started school almost a month ago...Katie FINALLY gets to start preschool. She has been waiting and waiting. She was so excited to get ready and pick out her own clothes for school today. (she did pretty good I might add...considering what she usually chooses to wear ).
She is going to Tina's Tots Preschool. Starting with Abby, all the kids have gone to this preschool. She has been a wonderful teacher and all the kids have and still do just love her!
Have a fun day Katie Lady!!


Lost tooth

Max lost his first top front tooth....he was really missing having it there when it came time to eat one of his favorite things...corn on the cob. I told him, just wait until the other front tooth is gone, eating corn on the cob will be next to impossible.