I love this age...Katie thinks everything is so "magical".

Daddy changes the light bulbs in the garage...Katie says, "daddy is so magical".

The book she likes to read has lift the flaps...Katie says, "that book is so magical".

Our van has automatic sliding doors...Katie says, "our van is so magical".

Why can't they stay 4 years old FOREVER!! I wish I could live in her world for just one day.

I love you so much my little Katie Lady!


my mini george washington

At school they are having a World History Assembly in place of any Halloween celebrations. So for this each of the children that wanted to participate needed to do a report on someone in history and then dress up as that person.
None of my kids really spoke up and said that they were interested in doing this. Max mentioned that he wanted to be George Washington, but it never went any further than that.
Well, the day after the reports were due, Max came home with a slip of paper saying that his report had been accepted for George Washington. Max did it all on his own and handed it in. WOW!
So...last night I (with help from Abby) came up with this costume for Max. He was pretty excited. The wig even has a pony tail in the back.


Where did October go???

Well October has come and gone in a blink. We have been busy with family, birthdays, surgery, Dr. appointments, getting ready for Halloween and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Kloee was having trouble seeing and we found out she needed reading glasses.

Steve turned 35....early morning present opening...way too early for Daddy.
Abby had to have her tonsils out this month...she had a hard time with the recovery. But it will all be worth it to not have a sore throat ALL the time. These are some pretty flowers that Daddy's office sent her.

Grandma and Grandpa Russell came for a visit. Max pretty much was attached to Grandpa's hip the whole time. Being the only boy, he thinks that logically Grandpa was all his for the week. The girls managed to squeeze in a couple of bike rides with him.

Grandma couldn't help buying some cute things for the kids while she was here.

I turned 37 this year and the kids worked hard on a birthday cake for me. With some screaming and some tears they finally came to a compromise on how to frost it. Thanks kids...it was yummy!!

While my mom and dad were here we went to "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". It was up at the American Fork Amphitheater. It was a little chilly, but it was a lot of fun.