Dancing and Camping

I know, I know, it has been a couple of months since I have blogged...well more like 6 months. But who is really counting?

This past weekend Katie had her first dance recital. She had two dances and did a fabulous job.

The dance recital landed on the same night as our ward father and son camp out.
So Max and Daddy had to improvise and they set up the tent in the back yard, bought a load of treats and picked up a movie at Redbox and watched it on the laptop. They stayed up way too late, but had alot of fun.


Wendy W. said...

What a good idea! Joe and Jake missed theirs and now I know what they can do. Thanks for the idea, it looked like fun.

Also Miss Katie - you are adorable. Good job on the dance recital.

Jensen Family said...

Katie looks so cute! How fun to have a campout in the backyard. I bet the trains during the night were fun also!!