Goodbye to Tina's Tots Preschool

Katie had her preschool graduation tonight. She was so excited for her little program and did a great job on her songs. They did the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language. It was so cute.
We are so sad to say goodbye to Tina's Tots. All 4 of the kids went to this same preschool. It has been so wonderful. Tina has been the most amazing teacher and so much fun! There isn't a day that goes by that Katie doesn't tell me something that Ms. Tina taught her or something that she says.
This is an end of an era...but we are leaving with some fabulous memories.
Thanks Ms. Tina for the past 8 years of teaching our kids their ABC's and sooo much more!!


Jensen Family said...

Cute pictures! Way to go Katie!!

Wendy W. said...

Congrats cutie Katie. I loved Ms. Tina also. (BTW - Kathy, are you okay? You've had a few posts one after another and I'm worried about you. Do we need an intervention? It's so unlike you. Has something happened? j/k) Love ya.

kathy j. said...

I have a little sickness called "blog fever". I hear it is very contagious! For some it is a cronic condition...for me it comes and goes.