Isn't being 8 GREAT!?

Max turned 8 last week and had a fun party with family and friends.

Today was a very special day for Max. He was able to be baptized.

So many of our family members were able to make it for his special day.

Aunt Tiffany and her kids were able to come from Arizona and Grandma and Grandpa Russell came all the way from Canada.

Thank you to everyone that came. It was so great to have everyone together.


Jensen Family said...

Congratulations Max that is so awesome! How fun to have so many family members able to attend.

Nance said...

Dang that's a lot of people!! What a great day to celebrate Congratulations Max!! And yay Kathy!! You updated your blog!!

Mandy said...

Congrats on the big 8th birthday. Being baptized is such a special thing.